Boost Your Referrals with Personalized Gifts

Encourage referrals and reward customers with personalized gifts from ReferralGiftr.

"ReferralGiftr helped us increase our referral rate by 30% by empowering our customers to select items meaningful to them."

Jeremy Owens - 3 Generations Improvements

10% to 19% of gift card balances
remain unredeemed or never used!

ReferralGiftr Enhances Customer Relationship Management 

Show your appreciation and get more referrals with customized gifts that speak to your clients' interests and needs.

Why use ReferralGiftr?

Reward referrals with items they actually want. 

Improve client retention and loyalty.

Our personalized gifts help you stay top of mind with clients, improving their loyalty to your business and increasing the likelihood of repeat business and referrals.

Gift with Brand Name Items 

Deliver a seemless ecommerce experience  with brand name products delivered to your clients.

Higher quality leads 

Referred leads are 4 times more likely to buy, upto 25% more profitable and have a 37% higher retention rate. 

Ease of use 

Your clients are usued to shopping online. Trying to use a gift card online is a painful process, so provide them a positive experience. 


Do what others are not doing and focus on the customer experience to win. 

Easy To Use

According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising.

Modernize your process 

You’re likely already getting referrals - modernize this
marketing channel for predictability and scale.   

Stand out in a competitive industry.

In a crowded market, our personal gift experience helps you stand out from the competition and reinforce your brand identity.

Easy and affordable.

ReferralGiftr makes it easy and affordable to implement a referral program with personalized gifts. We handle everything from the gift selection to delivery.

Simple to use.

Word of mouth referrals have decreased significantly in today's digital age, but ReferralGiftr is here to help. Our unique web-based platform allows you to reward your customers and supporters with personalized gifts for referring friends and family to your business. This simple yet powerful tool helps you boost your referrals by giving customers something tangible to show for their efforts. 

Configured to your company.

Referral sharing and gift redemption process that puts your brand front and center, is a sleek modern way to reinforce your excellent customer experience.  

Priced for small business. 

This platform was built by community centric small business owners to enpower fellow small businesses. 

The Gift Shop Experience.

Want to see what the gift shop 🎁 looks like? You can even buy a product to get the full experience 

Your One Stop Gift Shop!

Need to show employee appreciation, birthday or anniversaries? Vendor gifts? Customer thank you gifts? The Referral Gift Shop has you covered. 

What our community is saying

"I never knew a small gift could make such a big impact on my clients. Thanks to ReferralGiftr, I've seen a noticeable increase in referrals."

Jordan Barrett

Owner - HVAC Solutions Today

"Not only does this provide a great opportunity for us to generate more referrals, but it also creates a memorable experience for our clients and customers.."

Laura Williams

Keller Williams Realty 

"I had no idea that such a small gesture of gratitude could have such a profound impact on my clients and their willingness to refer my business to others"

David Rodriguez

Life Insurance Agency Owner 

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